Commercial Real Estate: How To Choose The Right Contractor For Your Fix and Flip

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Commercial Real Estate: How To Choose The Right Contractor For Your Fix and Flip

When you are about
to attempt a new flip you should have a checklist of what you are going to
need. Having the best
commercial real estate contractor should be at the top, or near it at least. Having a good
one can save you a lot of money and headaches in the long run.
Having a good contractor is a major advantage in the commercial real estate business. At the
end of every deal, once you finish the only thing that matters the most is your
reputation. If you are one of the lazy commercial
real estate
investors that cut corners eventually no one will want to buy
or rent from you. However, if you take the time to thoroughly vet your property
to see the extent of rehabbing it needs you will make your money back tenfold.
This is why hiring an experienced contractor is a great
investment. If they are a reputable contractor, they will be able to help you
throughout the entire process of rehabbing your property. A good contractor can
make sure you choose the right materials for your home. Anywhere from tiles to
the type of hardwood you put in. A good contractor should be able to take
direction well, however, in the event they have a better option for you, they
should not hesitate to voice their opinion.
When you begin your search for a new commercial real estate contractor you want to make sure that you
find a handful of potential companies. One of the best places to start your
search for your nest contractor is a commercial real estate seminar. These are great places not only meet with other
investors in your area but also, meet a plethora of contractors. Most of the
time if the contractor is in the seminar they are working hard trying to find a
new client. These are the companies you should start with first. It shows that
they have the initiative to get in with other commercial real estate professionals on the ground level.
If you are not into the stuffy seminar scene get in your car
and drive around your city. Find a house that is being rehabbed and speak to
the contractor there. You could also go to your local lumber yard or hardware
store and find a handful of contractors.

You now have a list of potential commercial real estate contractors, now what?

Now comes the hard word. You now have to sieve and dig
through mountains of pictures showing the work of your potential contractor.
You want to make sure that the contractor has a portfolio with full photo sets
of their work. If they are currently working on a project, ask if you can visit
them on site one day. Most of the time they will gladly show off their work
without hesitation. If you can, go once or twice to see how long they take on
certain projects. Pay attention to how they treat their employees, as well.

is commercial real estate, make sure
everyone can make money once the flip is completed

At this point, you want to compare all the bids and quotes
that you have received. Make sure that the bids fit into the project that you want
to accomplish. Discuss all the potential costs that you may have before you
agree to have the contractor work with you. You want to make sure you make a
profit at the end of the flip.



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