How to navigate loan service center operations

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July 30, 2013
Loan Services and How They Help You
July 30, 2013

How to navigate loan service center operations

Loan service centers can be difficult to understand. Having a good relationship with your loan service center is important when it comes to keeping your finances in check. That can be hard, however, if you aren’t sure what a loan service is.

A Loan service center is a third-party servicer that offers clients a full range of commercial loan servicing that allows for better care of their loans. The loan service center has a wide range of commercial loan servicing clients, but also a lot of experience with portfolio lenders, insurance companies, banks, and CMBS issuers, which should make clients feel better.
It just so happens that our advanced loan service center has helped to deliver great services to the commercial real estate finance industry that is often times seen as confusing and overwhelming. At our loan services center, we guide you and help you get through the loan process, providing all you need to understand your loan and collateral information from investors in a way that is easy for you.
We like to think that our loan services center makes taking care of your loan easier than ever. Paying back a loan shouldn’t make you shake in your boots. We want to work with you. Our loan services center provides constant real-time details and information that you might need for your investors. Additionally, our loan services help every customer keep track of their loans with more options that allow clients to make weighty financial decisions based on what we can tell them about their loans.
Our loan services offer our clients an effective and accurate way to measure and manage their loans and risk as well. Additionally, our loan service center can be with you from the initial planning to the closing activities. Have a question? Just ask.
Our post-closing has us monitoring budget, construction, title management and reporting as well as your loan. We care about our client and we want to avoid defaulted loans.

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