The Real Deal: Why Origination Points Matter when Working With Texas Hard Money Lenders

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The Real Deal: Why Origination Points Matter when Working With Texas Hard Money Lenders


Origination points
exist in all sorts of loan transactions, but many people are unfamiliar with
what they are or what they mean. In short, when you’re working with Texas hard money lenders, or any other
lender, origination points make a difference in how much you’ll have to pay.

One of the things that gets tossed around when people start
discussing the terms of their mortgages or loans from Texas hard money lenders is the number of origination points that
comes with the loan. In short, origination points are the fees associated with
getting the ball rolling to fund the loan. Each origination point is usually
worth one-percent of the loan value, and it’s money that you will have to pay
for receiving the originators’ services. 

Depending on what type of loan you’re getting, and where
you’re getting it from, the formula used to calculate the origination points
will vary. Some companies consider how much legwork has to be done in order to
get your loan approved. If you have one person running credit checks,
background checks, scheduling home evaluations and such, that time can
seriously add up, and it may manifest itself as origination points.
Other agencies assign origination points based on the risk
associated with loaning to an individual. The more-likely someone is to
default, the higher the number of points will be. This makes sense from a work
standpoint as well, because lenders who routinely help high-risk clients will
often run extra checks to mitigate some of their concerns.

How Many Points Should I Expect to Pay Texas Hard Money Lenders?

Texas hard money lenders base their decision to loan money out mostly on the value of the
property. In other words, if you’re not looking for much money, and the
property has a high value, it’s pretty much a done deal. This means that the
number of origination points can be really low, but it generally doesn’t dip
below three, no matter who you work with. On the other hand, it’s not uncommon
to see as many as six origination points, and some agencies will actually go as
high as eight.

You should know how to evaluate offers from Texas hard money lenders, so
you know what to expect.

Obviously, no two Texas hard money lenders are going to handle business exactly the same. It’s important to know how many origination points are on the loan, and, for your
sake, see fewer of them on the paperwork. However, they aren’t the end-all.
You’ll also need to consider your interest rate, and any other fees an agency
might add to the total, as well as how easy a company is to do business with.
All of these things will make a difference in how much you pay for the service
overall, and will have a huge impact in how satisfied you are after the
transaction. Moreover, each company may have multiple packages available, so be
sure to speak to a professional if you have questions.


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