Tips for a Faster Closing on Commercial Loans

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January 5, 2018
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January 8, 2018

Tips for a Faster Closing on Commercial Loans

2page_img2-bigTime can be a critical factor in some commercial property purchases. But even when time is not a factor the purchase, your time is valuable and you want to close on commercial loans as quickly as you can.

Commercial loans require a great deal of time and information. Lenders need to verify the borrower’s ability to afford the loan and the payments before they are willing to assume the risk of funding the loan. And the only way for all of this investigation and discovery is to provide detailed documentation to the lender. If you are completing the application process for the first time or it is your first application to a new lender, then you should ask for a very detailed list of documents that the lender will require. This not only shows the lender that you are consciences but also that you are eager and willing to invest the time needed to get them their requested documents. Your lender is likely to work at the same speed at which you do when they make a request from you. Work quickly to set the bar high and have your loan completed in the shortest amount of time possible.

Most lenders have a complete list of the documents that they need to evaluate applications for commercial loans. Requesting that list early will allow you to invest the time necessary to assemble a complete and thorough loan application. Consider this document to be your official introduction to a new business partner. Be certain that it is complete, professional and free of errors. This is your one chance to make a good first impression and demonstrate your overall professionalism.

When submitting documents, be sure that your profit and loss sheets are well labeled and easily understood. Call out any one time expenses clearly so that there is no question of missing information. Included full copies of the past two years of tax returns for the business and for any owners. If anyone has filed for an extension, include a signed copy of that document as well. Also, be sure that any bank statements which have been requested are included in full. Do not omit blank pages.

About the Property

Including photos of the interior and exterior of the building can be very helpful, especially if the lender is not local. But even if you are using a local lender, the pictures are helpful and can offer a more complete view of the property. Also be sure that any health or safety issues are remedied prior to the lenders inspection. Most lenders want these particular issues repaired before the closing. Finally, if the property has current tenants, be sure to include valid copies of each lease in your documentation.

Do It Right the First Time

Lenders only make money when they are fulfilling commercial loans and earning interest. They are as eager to complete the application process as you are. Investing the time to present a complete and accurate set of documents along with your loan application is certain to make the approval process more rapid. In addition, it is the best way to create a strong first impression and foundation upon which to build a long term business relationship with your lender.

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