Tips for Investing in Student Housing and Obtaining Texas Commercial Loans for these Types of Projects

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November 7, 2017
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November 8, 2017

Tips for Investing in Student Housing and Obtaining Texas Commercial Loans for these Types of Projects

slide3Student housing is a growing class asset in real estate investor’s portfolios. Acquisitions are on the rise and Texas commercial loans are available for these types of projects.

Student housing is a growing real estate investment asset class. In just two short years, from 2014 to 2016, transactions increased from $3 billion to almost $10 billion. Many of those looking into building their portfolios with this type of real estate are private investors, though as the class increases in activity, more institutions are taking note. The draw to this type of investment includes healthy yields and fairly recession-proof properties which outperformed other asset classes during the last economic slowdown. One of the most difficult aspects related to this investment is finding the right property. After all, there is only so much real estate that surrounds colleges.

The good news is that college enrollment is on the rise and is expected to increase by 14 percent by the time 2025 rolls around. At this time, almost 20 million students should be looking for student housing. The bad news is that renter-turnover is almost a certainty and students have been known to treat their abodes as party venues instead of quiet places of rest and rejuvenation. But, if you have patience, persistence and know a good handyman, this investment strategy can offer low vacancy rates, increasing rents and high returns.

Providing off-campus housing carries with it a degree of responsibility above and beyond a typical residential dwelling. The college may require that certain conditions are met with one of the most important being the provision that the tenants are provided with a safe and secure place of residence. Another important consideration is that student housing has morphed from small, twin bed miniscule apartments into luxury accommodations with amenities such as common gathering areas and fitness centers. As with all real estate investments, know thy market, investigate competitors occupancy and rental rates and choose a location where the supply is not meeting the demand.

Obtaining a National or Texas Commercial Loan for Student Housing

Not all national or Texas commercial loan lenders are prone to providing funds for these types of projects. Thought they can be very lucrative, they can also carry a greater risk in regards to vacancy rates and the wear and tear of the property.

At Level 4 Funding, we work with a wealth of private hard money Texas commercial loan lenders that have made this particular asset class their number one lending strategy. Funding is available up to $50,000,000 with loans based on collateral. This means that your credit report does not carry as much weight and that funding can occur in as little as a few days compared to the month-plus funding time that occurs with traditional lenders. Our different loan programs include construction, bridge, business and fix & flip loans. You can be preapproved in as little as 24 hours and many of our lenders offer no prepayment penalties. Call us today for a no-obligation quote.

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