What is Trust Deed Investing aka Investing in Deeds of Trust

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November 17, 2014
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What is Trust Deed Investing aka Investing in Deeds of Trust

Are you Investing in Deeds of Trust? 

Hello, Dennis here, have you ever considered investing in Deeds of Trust or Trust Deeds. And what exactly is a Trust Deed investment? Well, let me explain. 

Today there are many ways in which you can invest your money, such as the stock market, bonds, or even depositing the money into a bank. It’s time to add one more to that list: Investing in Deeds of Trust.

This is a great investment for you – when you invest in Deeds of Trust, you become the bank. 

Investing in deeds of trust means that you are loaning your money directly to a borrower who is then purchasing real estate and giving you a Deed of Trust as security for the loan. 

You will receive payments from the borrower monthly, and at a very high interest rate; these rates vary from 10 to 29% for 6 to 24 months with very good loan to value ratios, typically 70% or less. 

Also, your money is secured by the real estate. 

This means that if the borrower fails to make good on the terms of the loan, you, as the lender, take back the real estate. You are then free to sell the home to recover your investment, past due interest, and fees. 

This is much more secure in comparison to stocks, whose value can rapidly decrease or simply vanish if the company goes out of business. When that happens you lose your investment and you are not able to recover it.

When compared to the bank, you are getting a higher rate of return on your investment, typically 10 to 29%. You can even drive by and look at the home in which you wish to invest. Next time you give your money to the bank for little or no interest, ask them if you can see where your money went. 

Trust Deed investments offer security on your money, a high rate of return, and best of all, it’s backed up by the property.

If you are looking to invest in deeds of trust, see us at http://www.setabayloan.com or give us a call at six two three five eight two four four four four.

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