Why you shouldn’t just rely on appraisals when it comes to hard money

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April 22, 2018
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April 26, 2018

Why you shouldn’t just rely on appraisals when it comes to hard money

A traditional appraisal is usually the most crucial estimate of a properties value with a conventional mortgage. The situation can be more nuanced when it comes to hard money loans. There are additional factors that fall outside of the scope of an ordinary appraisal, and the amount of financing offered will depend on the valuation of your property. By having your an understanding of what a property might be worth you maximize your chances of qualifying for a more substantial loan.

The standard appraisal is a report given by a licensed professional and usually ranges between 5-70 pages in length. The report will detail information the appraiser used to justify their opinion about a properties market value. A more informal valuation is a broker price opinion, or BPO, which is much shorter than a detailed appraisal and is usually no more than 2-5 pages in length. The value of a BPO depends entirely on the individual broker. Another option is to commission a review of your initial appraisal by yet another appraiser to get a different perspective.

So why can’t you solely rely on appraisals or other professional estimates? Appraising a property takes time and in some cases considerable resources. You also need to be aware of things that may fall outside the scope of a typical valuation if you want to qualify for a larger loan, especially when it comes to commercial properties.

When it comes to hard money loans, you benefit by going above and beyond the initial appraisal, especially when it comes to commercial real estate valuations

Having an understanding of what is property is worth is especially useful if you are dealing with commercial property.Know that anything that positively or negatively impacts a commercial properties ability to generate income will have a significant impact on its value.An ordinary appraiser might overlook the impact of a floor plan, the availability of parking or a properties accessibility in their estimate. The usual appraisal might also disregard the potential expense involved in bringing a property up to code or the cost of complying with environmental regulations.

It is vital to perform your own due diligence to see things an appraisal might have missed and to plan for any unforeseen expenses.With asset-based loans, the loan amount depends in most cases on the value of the underlying property. Having a thorough understanding of how your property is valued can help you qualify for a larger loan.

When it comes to hard money loans, always consider the future potential of your project to qualify for the largest loan

In all likelihood, an appraiser will underestimate a properties potential especially if you are renovating a distressed property. An appraiser will never attempt to estimate a properties value in the future, based on your renovations or pricing trends in the immediate area. Projecting the market value of a property is simply beyond the scope of an ordinary appraisal

It is up to you to perform own assessment when it comes to pricing trends in the immediate area, vacancy or occupancy rates, or any potential zoning changes in the future. Any of these factors could cause a property to rise or fall In value in the near future.

Entirely relying on an appraisal could blind you to a project’s potential. Do your research and develop your understanding of specific things that could impact the value of your property in the future. You can thoughtfully discuss the potential of your project by performing your own due diligence, allowing you to qualify for the largest possible asset-based loan.

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