Why you might consider a Hard Money Business Loan

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April 17, 2018
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Why you might consider a Hard Money Business Loan

If you are having trouble qualifying for traditional financing, a hard money business loan can be a great alternative to a conventional bank loan. With this loan you borrow against assets owned by your business, allowing you to qualify even if you have poor credit.

When it comes to businesses that apply for this type financing the value of their commercial property acts as collateral for the loan. The value of this underlying property is a more critical factor for this type of lender than a borrowers credit score. Those with low credit but with a lot in the way of collateral may find an asset-based loan a good financing strategy.

However, a Business owner will need to consider whether the expense of a loan matches their need for financing. Any type of alternative loan will almost always be more expensive than a traditional business loan.

Before applying for a hard money business loan, consider your need for financing and whether your need is proportional to any assets you might pledge as collateral.

With asset-based loans consider whether your need for financing matches the risk of losing any property you might pledge to back the loan. With this type of business loan there is the potential that the lender could seize your business or other personal property should you default.

However also consider the main advantages of asset-based loans. Because credit is a non-factor, they are easier to qualify for, less documentation is needed and these loans can close within a matter of days. These advantages may outweigh risks depending on your circumstances.

Why should you consider a hard money business loan over other types of alternative financing?

The interest charged on a typical asset based loan is usually 10-15 percent. The higher interest rate on this type of loan is due to the risk assumed by the lender by forgoing the usual credit checks. However, asset-based loans are still less expensive than other types of alternative financing.

You may have considered other alternative financing options which could be far more expensive than an asset-based loan. One example of alternative financing are merchant cash advances, which are loans backed by a percentage of your businesses future sales. Cash advances can consistently eat away at revenue stream, and APR can reach into the triple digits. Some methods of alternative financing may be less expensive, but could take much longer to close. For example, peer-to-peer platforms are one such type of alternative financing. While these loans may be less expensive than an asset based loan there is no guarantee that your loan will ever be fully funded. Asset based loans are less expensive than cash advances and are fully capitalized once your application is approved.

Always perform your due diligence to ensure any potential asset lender is trustworthy. Read online reviews of any potential lender to gauge the lender’s honesty and the experience of their borrowers.

Asset based loans can be cheaper and can close faster than other types of alternative loans, making them a great option are you struggling to qualify for traditional financing or if your business needs cash quickly.

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