Tactics to secure a larger hard money loan: estimate the ARV

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April 14, 2018
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April 22, 2018

Tactics to secure a larger hard money loan: estimate the ARV

A hard money loan (i.e.,an asset-based loan) is any loan secured by the value of an underlying asset. Most of these lenders will only give loans of up to 65 percent of an assets market value.

But what if you intend to renovate a distressed property which is significantly undervalued at the time purchase? To secure more in the way of financing you need to understand what your property worth is after you’ve repaired it (the after repair value, or ARV).

Asset-based lenders could offer more financing if you can demonstrate the potential of a project. However, to explain a project’s potential you need to understand property valuations. Relying solely on appraisals will limit your understanding and wont serve you in the long run as a real-estate investor. Professional assessments are also expensive and time-consuming.

Your best bet is to develop your sense of what a property is worth by comparing your estimates with that of a licensed appraiser. Educating yourself this way will develop your understanding of property valuations. An excellent way to start training yourself when it comes to property values is to use the comparable sales method.

You can begin to estimate the ARV yourself by utilizing the comparable sales method, which could help you qualify for a larger hard money loan.

The first step is to assess your subject property, look at its location, what is the neighborhood like and what impact does this have on the properties value? Figure out the lot size and determine the condition of the exterior. Find out essential details about the property, its size in square feet and its amenities (i.e., Number of bedrooms and bathrooms).

Find 5 to 10 properties similar to your subject through local listings. Only consider properties that have sold within the last 3-6 months, are in the same location and have a similar size and similar amenities. It is crucial that you don’t look at distressed properties. Remember you are trying to determine your properties potential after you have made renovations.

After you have enough comparable properties, consider the ones that are the most similar and find the properties with the highest and lowest selling price to estimate a range of value for your subject property. These numbers will give you a sense of what the property will sell for after you make your repairs. With this understanding, you can thoughtfully discuss the potential of your renovation project with a lender and qualify for the best loan.

You can secure a larger hard money loan if you can explain the potential of your project

Even the most informed estimate of a properties value is only an educated guess. If you rely solely on appraisals, you aren’t building your knowledge of property valuations. Using a simple comparable sales method is an easy way to increase your understanding of property valuations and the after repair value of your property. Having this understanding builds your lenders confidence in your project and increases your eligibility for a larger loan.

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