Top Situations where a hard money loan is best

Why you shouldn’t just rely on appraisals when it comes to hard money
April 23, 2018
What is Hard Money?
April 26, 2018

A hard money loan is any loan secured by a “hard” asset (i.e., An Asset-based loan). This type of loan can be your best option especially if you need financing to construct a new facility, to renovate a distressed property or if you need to make a purchase quickly.

Asset-based loans are typically short-term loans and are more expensive than traditional financing. Because of this higher expense, it is easy to ask, who would want this type of funding in the first place?

An asset-based loan is especially useful for real-estate investors who are speculating on a quick turn around when it comes to their project. Traditional lenders avoid relying on this kind of speculation.An obvious example is a fix-and-flip project, banks avoid financing these projects because there is no guarantee of a profit and the borrower could default in the end. Traditional banks are also wary of construction loans because they have to rely on the borrowers assumptions and success isn’t guaranteed.

A hard money loan can be the help you need if you need to fund a renovation or construction project

There are other reasons to consider asset-based lenders for renovation or construction projects. Typically a bank raises funds for a mortgage by reselling it to a government agency like Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. Banks won’t be able to resell any mortgage on a distressed property that falls short of FHA guidelines.Therefore a typical bank will likely deny your application if you are trying to renovate a distressed property. Asset-based lenders raise their funds from private investors and have money on hand, allowing them to see past the poor condition of any property you intend to rehabilitate.

The situation can become complicated if you finance your construction loan with an ordinary lender. Banks disperse construction loans according to a specific timetable and specific benchmarks. The lender could withhold funding if your projecting doesn’t go according to plan. This scenario could be a disaster and could leave you unable to pay your contractors or to continue your project. The regulations that stifle traditional banks don’t hamstring asset-based lenders so you can get increased flexibility when it comes the terms of a construction loan.

However, asset-based lenders outshine traditional banks when it comes to time-sensitive purchases.

When it comes to time-sensitive purchases, a hard money loan can be a win-win solution

A typical bank loan usually closes within 120 days, and the best investment properties don’t stay on the market for long. Even the most qualified borrower won’t see their application go through any faster because banks have to comply with their own guidelines and with government regulations.

Asset-based loans can close within a matter of days allowing you to complete a time-sensitive purchase. An asset-based loan gives you the flexibility to then refinance to a long-term mortgage, or to sell the property for a profit.

In short asset-based lenders are ideal for borrowers who know the potential of their project, who need flexibility or who need cash quickly to make the most of a potential investment.

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