Commercial Real Estate in Texas and the Five Cities that Found their way into WalletHub’s Best Real-Estate Markets of 2017

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October 2, 2017
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October 2, 2017

Commercial Real Estate in Texas and the Five Cities that Found their way into WalletHub’s Best Real-Estate Markets of 2017

Becky WeidowWalletHub’s analysts recently compared the national and Texas commercial real-estate housing markets of 300 cities across 21 key indicators which included foreclosure rate, vacancy rate and home appreciation, and ultimately ranked them based upon their affordability and economic environment. Their report, 2017’s Best Real-Estate Market, noted that five of the top 10 cities were in Texas which, of course, is no surprise to those that live, work and invest in this state that is known for some of the friendliest cowboy-boot-wearing people in the nation.

What may come as a surprise is that all of these cities were North Texas suburbs. Frisco came in as the number one Texas commercial real-estate market followed by McKinney and Allen. Richardson came in fifth and Carrollton squeaked in the top 10 at number 8. When ranked by top real-estate markets alone, Allen was added to the top 10. Other cities in this category included Seattle, Denver and Nashville. Seattle also showed up as the city where houses spend the fewest days on the market.

These specific areas showed up as the best and worst for each of the following categories:

· Percentage of homes with negative equity: Lowest—Berkeley, CA / Highest—Bridgeport, CT

· Average days on the market: Lowest—Seattle, WA / Highest—Albany, NY

· Median home-price appreciation: Highest—Richmond, CA / Lowest—Newark, NJ

· Foreclosure rate: Lowest—Ann Arbor, MI / Highest—Springfield, MA

· Delinquent mortgage holders: Lowest—Santa Clara, CA / Highest—Newark, NY

· Unsold homes owned by banks: Fewest—New Orleans, LA / Most—Detroit, MI

So, in light of the above, is now a good time to buy? According to James P. Gaines, Chief Economist at the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University, the answer is a resounding yes. Like many, he sees the biggest downside in the current historically low supply. He does not foresee the increased interest rates that are sure to come from the Federal Reserve in 2018 having much of an impact. He also believes that the top 5 indicators for a healthy housing market include job growth, population growth, family income growth, new home construction and home prices.

Investing in Texas Commercial Real Estate

The Texas economy is expanding. As of August 1, 2017, 188,000 new jobs had been created and the statewide unemployment rate posted the largest decline in America. Given that 5 of the top 10 cities were found in Texas, it would seem that this, the second largest state in the nation, is a good place to start placing some of your investment and development capital, and others would agree. Residential construction activity increased while the lending index dipped due to multifamily construction decline. Texas led the way in total issued building permits and average days on the market fell to 56 days while Dallas’s days on the market went below 30.

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