Lenders Eager to See the Impact Hurricane Harvey Had on Commercial Loans in Texas

Lenders Eager to See the Impact Hurricane Harvey Had on Commercial Loans in Texas
September 20, 2017
Preparing for Commercial Loans Texas
September 20, 2017

Lenders Eager to See the Impact Hurricane Harvey Had on Commercial Loans in Texas

Some fear that it could take a long time for Texas to recover from the devastating floods brought from Hurricane Harvey. But some lenders and others in the banking industry are eager to see how much Hurricane Harvey has really impacted commercial lending in Texas, predicating that it will be an easier than expected road to recovery. Cadence Bancorp located in the heart of Houston is also hoping that the loss will be manageable and that the area will be able to recover quickly.

The category 4 hurricane brought record breaking rainfall, devastating the Houston area by bringing major flooding, which is causing many businesses to suffer from not only the water damage, but loss of revenue of having to be closed for days or even weeks. But luckily, most businesses have reported damage that included submerged infrastructure. Reported by American Banker, this is good news because it is easier to repair than window damage from high winds.

Cadence Bancorp is a $9.8 billion dollar-asset company that specializes in commercial lending in Texas. They have reported that 13 of their large commercial clients have seen significant damage from Hurricane Harvey. This is good news since this is considered a low number to the company. Based on assessment from Cadence Bancorp, they are thinking that the damage from Hurricane Harvey is manageable and most will be able to recover, maybe even quicker than other areas that have been hit by hurricanes in the past.

The assessment by Cadence Bancorp is based on the company’s current clients. They contacted all businesses that they have commercial lending in Texas relationships with that are worth over $1 million dollars. Cadence Bancorp has a total of 420 clients in that group, totaling $2.8 billion dollars. So, with only 13 of their clients reporting damage, the company is optimistic that the commercial damage isn’t too significant.

Some lenders are lighting up on their regulations to help those with commercial lending in Texas that were impacted by the storm

All but one of Cadence Bancorp’s locations have reopened and are offering their support and services to those in the area deeply impacted by Hurricane Harvey. The company is offering special financing options for those in disaster areas, about 18 counties across the state. They are also restructuring loan payments and offering expedited financing for small businesses, in hopes this will help the Houston area bounce back faster.

Cadence Bancorp is eager to assist those with commercial lending in Texas that are in need after Hurricane Harvey devastated the area

Hurricane Harvey was a category 4 storm that lasted 5 days and was one of the worst storms the state and the country has witnessed. It is possible for those with commercial lending in Texas will be able to recover and quickly from the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey with the help of Cadence Bancorp and other local banks along with other financial institutes.

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