Let Me Count The Ways You Are Scammed On Timeshares.

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Let Me Count The Ways You Are Scammed On Timeshares.

Timeshare ScamsLet Me Count The Ways. . .


If we were to count the ways that the timeshare resorts are training and retraining their salespeople to scam you, that would take too long because the ways goes on and on.

Now of course they don’t think its scamming, they’re just trying to take your “No” and turn it into a “Yes”.

If they have to take a 90 minute presentation and turn it into a 6 or 7 hour presentation so be it!

You see, the resort pays a lot of money to have people like you come through their doors.

Those people on the streets and in the malls that initially called you over to their booth get paid some pretty good money to book your tour and to have you show up at the presentation.

No Shows

If you don’t show up, they call that “No Shows” and if the people in the booths get too many of them, it could cost them their jobs.

So they need to tell you anything they have to have you show up at the appointed time that you scheduled with them.

I read once that people were being promised a new boat. (Now who wouldn’t show up for that?) After the presentation, the new boat that was promised, ended up being a new toy boat! Now in all honesty it was probable a very nice toy boat.

But I’m sure the turnover in the gifting department was like a revolving door because the poor employees that had to give over a toy boat most likely got an ear full on an hourly basis.

Anyway you get the picture. You know the old saying, “If it sounds too good to be true… it probable is.”

But the timeshare industry lives and I hate to say thrives on the rule that there is a sucker born every minute.

And if you could hear the timeshare scams stories that I hear, you would probable believe that yourself.

Now it’s not just the people that you might think that maybe a gullible, because this group includes, doctors, lawyers and Indian chiefs.

How  About You

But let’s talk about you, so you went ahead and took to plunge. You took the timeshare salespeople at their word and all the promises they gave you.

You took the hook, line and sinker. You signed on the dotted line and now you’re the proud new owner of a timeshare.

You may even use it a time or two. But now it’s not really turning out exactly like you were told that it would at the time you purchased the timeshare.

They did tell you that they were building new units so just because you had a difficult time booking your vacation, you were still able to do it.

And just because the swimming pool was so crowded that you were only able to soak your big toe, they did say they were going to build two more swimming pools, the construction just hasn’t started yet. It will all be done by the time you come back next year.

But it’s not. Now you’re getting a little ticked, okay a lot ticked!

Your Timeshare Contract

You get out your timeshare contract. You’re sure all this stuff would be covered in the contract. The nice salespeople told you it would be… You know they wouldn’t lie to you.

Of course you didn’t have time to read the contract. They told you at the time you signed it that you didn’t have to. It was just a standard timeshare contract. And you took them at their word.

Oh boy. There’s trouble!

Now you learn that the internet is full timeshare resale scams.

How To Cancel Your Time Share

It’s at this point that many people began to think about how to cancel a timeshare purchase and they learn it’s NOT easy to get a timeshare cancellation.

Many people that have been a part of one of those timeshare scams send a timeshare cancellation letter. But they learn this is no help.

The biggest question for many timeshare owners is how do I cancel my timeshare? I’ll tell you more about that in a minute.

Now Back To You

You have decided that you want to get out of the timeshare contract.

So, you call the timeshare company because you want to know how to do a timeshare cancellation. You tell the timeshare company that you have been a part of a timeshare scam.

The timeshare resort tells you, “Sorry. You have signed a legal binding contract and there is no way for you to get out of it.”

But you say, “Yes, but what they told me was, they were going to be more building at the resort and that hasn’t come to pass.” This is a timeshare scam!

The customer service person asks, “Is all that in the timeshare contract?”

“No, but I know they told me that. My wife was right there with me and she heard it too.”

“BUT is it in the contract?”

“No… but…”

“I’m sorry there is nothing I can do. It is a legal contract. Enjoy your timeshare. Have a nice day. Goodbye.”

And now, you feel like you have no recourse.

Good News For Timeshare Cancellation

But WAIT . . . I’m here to tell you some good news about wanting a timeshare cancellation.

You are stuck with that timeshare contract only if you want to be.

What the timeshare resort has done to you can be UNDONE.

I know that there are so many people out there that need to hear that. There are so many people filled with anger, fear and hopelessness.

Take back your sleepless nights and know that there are ways that you can take action against the timeshare scams.

The good news is, your timeshare contract can be canceled. Yes a cancel timeshare can be a reality.

We have valuable FREE information that will help you discover how to cancel timeshare contract – yes, you can permanently cancel your timeshare payments, all maintenance fees and your entire timeshare contract.

If you own a timeshare and would like know how to cancel a timeshare, to learn more about a timeshare cancellation see our frequently asked questions at: www.timesharecancelcenter.com/faq  Call 24/7: 1-855-600-9053


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