Think Like A Lender To Get Your Commercial Real Estate Loan Approved

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Think Like A Lender To Get Your Commercial Real Estate Loan Approved

250px_callCenter3Getting inside a lender’s head allows borrowers to understand how to get their loan approved. Consider risk management to be a top priority.

Acquiring capital through a commercial real estate loan is typically one of the first step a company takes in making a major real estate investment. That being said, this part of the process can be extremely difficult and time-consuming, depending on how a company goes about applying for a loan. Whether your company has struggled to get loan terms that line up with your company’s timeline or are having trouble getting funding in the first place, putting yourself in the shoes of a lender can help you get closer to your mark.

The following considerations are a few of the top concerns a lender will consider when deciding whether or not to approve a loan request and work with a new client. The better you understand a lender’s expectations, the better you can tailor your loan application to meet these requirements.

● Am I confident this borrower will pay off the commercial real estate loan off? First and foremost, the borrower is going to want to understand how much the business is making, and how much your business expects to take in as a return on the money your business is borrowing. The lender’s top priority is to make a profit on lending out your company’s much needed capital.

● What does this borrower’s credit history say about their reliability? With a closer look at your company’s credit history, a lender can determine how well your organization has handled credit. The higher your score, the more comfortable a lender will be with loaning out larger amounts of money at more reasonable interest rates.

● How much of their own money is the borrower willing to put up? The more capital your company is willing to put up in the beginning, the more invested your organization appears in the project. Showing a lender that your company intends to see the project through to the end despite any obstacles helps to build the lender’s confidence.

● Can the borrower offer me collateral to ease my concerns? Collateral offers a “just in case” scenario to lenders in case the borrower’s loan becomes delinquent. When companies offer up their own collateral, lenders will be more willing to negotiate on other terms. As far as your business goes, collateral will have to be something valuable enough that the lender accepts it as a consolation prize for your organization backing out on the loan. It may take offering up land, stocks or other real estate assets for your company to get the money it needs from a lender.

The Easiest Way To Think Like A Lender Is Learn More About The Industry

By keeping up to date with industry news resources and the latest expert blogs, your company stays in the know about important trends that impact loan terms.

Pick the brain of a trusted private lender for even more tips on where the industry is headed.

Traditional lending institutions can’t always give your company necessary insights (or loan terms). That’s when it’s time to turn to the services of an experienced commercial real estate loan specialist.

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