Will You Survive the Corona Virus? Be like a Boy Scout.

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Will You Survive the Corona Virus? Be like a Boy Scout.

Ok, your changes of contracting the virus and dying from the virus is limited. If you get it, you have a 2% chance ending up dead. But I don’t think a lot of us are going to get it. What I’m talking about is surviving the financial loss due to the outbreak. It has not happened in the USA YET, but can it? I don’t know, but as an old Boy Scout, I remember the motto ‘always be prepared’. Another good saying “planning for the worst but hoping for the best. “  

So, what is the worse?

  1.          Can you financially survive with 3-4 months of no income?
  2.          What if you are restricted and cannot get to Fry’s Market for food?
  3.          What would you do if you need cash and the bank is closed?

What would you do if the virus shut us down for 6 months? This is a little scary and you need to think and plan for the possibilities. I’ve come up with a list of things you should do. Its sorted on the least to worst situations.

  1.          Have food in your pantry for 1 month. If you are LDS you already have 3 months.
  2.          Cash on hand 1-2K just in case you cannot get to the bank
  3.          List you bill’s and prioritize the ones you WON’T PAY….oh well they can wait.

If it gets really, really bad.

  1.          Mask to cover up you face.
  2.          Guns and ammo – can it really get that bad?
  3.          Generator and fuel.
  4.          Gold/Silver
  5.          Massive amount of water

You should seriously thing about your situation and what you need to do to be prepared like a Boy Scout. Take some time an consider the possibilities and get prepared. At lease you should have covered Items 1-3 above, this just makes good common sense no matter what happens.

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