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What LTC in Construction Loans in Arizona is and How it Differs from LTV

You may have heard of LTV before, but LTC is unique to construction loans in Arizona. It represents the loan to cost, versus the loan to value ratio.

If you’ve done fix-and-flips or similar before, you’ve probably come across the term “loan to value” or LTV. This references the amount of the loan you’re taking out in relation to the value of the property. For example, if your property is worth $100,000 and you borrow $70,000 to cover your costs, your LTV is 70%. Depending on where you get your funding and what terms you qualify for, your LTV could be as high as 90%.

On the other hand, construction loans in Arizona also deal with loan to cost ratios, or LTC. This number references the total expected costs in relation to the loan. For example, if you’re requesting $70,000 and your plans call for $100,000 in building expenses, your LTC would be 70%.

Lenders use both these factors to determine your level of risk. In short, they never want to put more money into something than it will be or is worth and they generally like you to assume some of the risk as well. Ergo, if either your LTV or LTC is too high, your project is likely too risky to qualify for construction loans. However, in many cases, a high LTV or LTC won’t outright disqualify you from getting funding, but the increased risk investors assume will likely change the terms the offer you.

LTC and LTV Help Investors Risk Less, But They Consider Other Factors Too

While these ratios can help predict the risk investors face, they aren’t the end-all. You’ll need to supply a copy of your plans and budget, as well as copies of any relevant permits. The lenders will examine your overall strategy and make sure you’ve done your homework. They’ll consider your experience, timeline, and methodology too. Some will hire an appraiser to look everything over and visit the property you plan to build on. Chances are, your credit will be checked as well, though it won’t be a major determining factor if collateral is being used to secure the loan. Sometimes, it’s the very land the building is being constructed upon which serves as collateral, while other times a builder may use his own home as collateral. This in mind, it’s easy to see how LTV and LTC can be drastically different numbers, yet still be indicative of the level of security an investor can have.

An experienced broker can walk you through all the things to consider when seeking financing.

Each project is a little different and there are many types of construction loans in Arizona that could be appropriate depending on the circumstances. Moreover, each one could come with different terms, so talking with a broker can help you learn which options are best suited to your needs and help you make sure all your bases are covered. That way, no matter which route you go, you get the best terms possible.

What Are Construction Loans?

If you are interested in building a new home and do not have the cash to pay upfront, then learning about Construction Loans in Arizona could turn your dream into a reality.

Most people who are searching for a new home are focused on finding that perfect place and then securing a mortgage to pay for it. In some cases, a buyer will prequalify for a loan before shopping, but a traditional mortgage is what most buyers envision as the loan for their new abode. But if you decide that building your dream home is the way to go, then a traditional mortgage might not meet your needs. Instead, you will need to understand the function and processes involved in Construction Loans in Arizona.

Construction Loans in Arizona are most often a short-term loan used to pay for the cost of building a home. A traditional mortgage does not work in this case as the mortgage is secured by the value of the home it is being used to purchase. And with no home in place, the bank will not approve a traditional loan, But a construction loan is specifically designed to provide the funds needed to build and the time frame for construction as well. Then when the house construction is completed, the construction loan must be paid off. Most buyers will then finance a traditional loan to pay off the construction loan. The new loan is often called an end loan.

Securing Construction Loans in Arizona from a traditional lender can be difficult. The loan is based on the expected value of the home once it is built but things can go wrong during the construction process which can change the value and leave the lender with an unsecured loan. In addition, there can be issues with the builder which might result in the house not be completed on time or at all. For all of these reasons, banks and mortgage companies impose many strict guidelines on a construction loan.

Common Construction Loan Provisions

Traditional lenders can impose some or all of the following guidelines to be certain that they are protected from a failed build process or a decreased final home value. The lender can require that a qualified builder be awarded the contract. The lender can also demand to approve the design and details of the home. And once the final design is approved, the lender could request that an additional estimate of the homes completed value be assessed by an appraiser. And finally, the lender will demand that the buyer make a down payment of at least 20% but sometimes 25% or more.

Difficulties in Securing a Construction Loan

In addition to all of the requirements of a traditional lender, the borrower must have very good credit to even be considered for a construction loan. All of these processes and requirements mean that not a lot of buyers can get the loan that they need to build their dream home. But for those who are certain that a new build is what they want and need, then Arizona Hard Money Lenders offer a great alternative to a traditionally funded construction loan.